How to Play

  • The Rules

    Gorilla Golf Cards™ is an on-course golf game designed for 2 or more players. The object of the game is to end up with the least amount of cards at the end of 9 holes of golf. If you are playing by our Vega$ rules, the more cards you hold at the end of the game the more you lo$e.

    The play deck consists of seven unique animal cards. Each card represents a penalty for the holder of the card. The golf round starts without anyone holding cards except the designated dealer who is responsible for the initial handout of each card. During the course of golf play, if a player performs an action/penalty as described on the back of any card, they become the holder of that card. If a player performs an action/penalty for a card that is being held by another player, the current card holder gives the card (woo woof) to the new holder.

    At the end of 9 holes, the player holding the least amount of cards wins. In the event of a tie, the player with the lowest number of strokes wins.

  • Vegas Rules

    Assign a dollar value to each card. The holder of each card at the end of each nine holes played owes the each player the assigned dollar value per card.


    At the end of nine holes the following cards are being held:

    • Moe is holding the Frog, Camel, and Gorilla cards
    • Larry is holding the Snowman and the Snake cards
    • Curly is holding only the Kitty card, ouch!
    • Shemp is not holding any cards (lucky Shemp)

    Assuming the pre-determined value of each card is $1.00, the following applies:

    • Moe owes each player $3.00
    • Larry owes each player $2.00
    • Curly owes each player $1.00
    • Shemp owes nothing

    You can also assign different dollar values to each card so they are weighted. Example: Gorilla Card is $3.00, Frog Card is $1.00, Kitty Card is $5.00, etc.

  • The Mark of the Kitty

    When a player gets the Kitty Card, their ball and/or hand gets stamped with something to mark their achievement. Players are urged make an honorable mention of the stamp during future tee shots and putts. Feel free to assign an additional co$t for each stamp at the end of 9 holes. If you need a Kitty Stamp, you can buy one here.

  • The Thirsty Camel

    What could be better than a nice cold beverage while spending some time on the beach? If the drink cart arrives, the current holder of the Camel Card buys a round of drinks for their group. If nobody is holding the Camel Card, please charge it to the Underhills.

  • You Suck at Putting

    If more than one player has 3 or more putts on a hole, the player with the most putts on the hole becomes the holder of the snake card. If players have an equal number of putts, the last person to sink their ball becomes the holder of the snake card.

  • Kitty Card for the Ladies Tee

    If a player is teeing off from the forward tee (ladies tee) and does not drive their ball at least to where the fairway begins, they become the new holder of the Kitty Card.